Best Car Air Freshener for Mercedes 2024 | Top 5 Scents Reviews  

With the many air fresheners for cars on the market, choosing the best car air freshener for Mercedes is a difficult job. However, there are several high-quality air fresheners you could add to the interior of your Mercedes in order to maintain it smell fresh.

The only way to maintain that fresh car smell is to remove the seats, carpet, and dashboard, and replace them with new, factory-fresh materials. It’s about the happiness that nothing can leave a lasting impression of an event or bring me back to an unforgettable time more than Mercedes’ amazing scent.

If you just want fresh, clean air or want to keep your car clean for use in ride-sharing, here are our top choices.

Quick List of Best Mercedes Car Air Freshener with Their Speciality

Best Mercedes Car Air Freshener Comparison Table

We always try to make it easy to choose the best product for our visitors. So, we make this comparison chart for the convenience of our visitors to compare the car air freshener and would be able to select the best car air freshener for Mercedes.

Boxiti Set – Best of Best Mood for Mercedes Benz Air Freshener
  • Color: Nightlife Mood
  • Scent: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Peppermint, Rose, Geranium, Cedar
  • Power Source: Not Applicable
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InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer & Protectant Air Freshener
  • Color: Black
  • Scent: Spray
  • Power Source: None
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Genuine Mercedes Interior Cabin Freeside Fragrance Air Freshener
  • Color: Freeside
  • Scent: Freeside
  • Power Source:Not Applicable
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Genuine Mercedes Interior Cabin Nightlife Fragrance Air Freshener
  • Color: Nightlife Mood
  • Scent: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Peppermint, Rose, Geranium, Cedar
  • Power Source:None
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Air-Balance OEM Mercedes Benz Flacon Perfume Atomiser
  • Color: Transparent
  • Power Source:None
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Top 5 Best Car Air Fresheners for Mercedes Reviews

1. Boxiti Set – Best of Best Mood for Mercedes Benz Air Freshener

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A fresh interior scent was specially created for Maybach’s new Mercedes Maybach. The name Agarwood could appear rather simple, yet it is sure to pique your interest.

Its Nightlife Mood fragrance is a soothing scent that is perfect to let you relax after a tiring day’s work. The aroma of a heavy leather armchair sitting in the midst of a fireplace in a space paved with dark wood with a glass of Cognac on a tiny Table (mild and fruity scents) and the smell of a cigar.

Freeside Mood is a discreet yet present citrus scent. extremely smooth, with no rough edges. The Sports Mood is a pleasant, natural scent, with a freshness that comes from the shades of green from young pale-green leaves, and is finished off with subtle floral nuances.

Forest Mood has the capability of bringing enjoyment and well-being inside and around the vehicle resulting from an effective mix of touch and smell, aesthetics of the body, sensations, music, and style.

Pacific Mood provides you with the orange and lemon top notes with a mix of spices. The inside of your vehicle can be scented to match your personal preferences using the air balance option.

This Daybreak Mood can transparent flowery jasmine and lilac is layered on warm amber, musk, and cashmere. On the top note, fresh magnolia rosewood, as well as a peach, soften the scent.

The warm and inviting mood of ginger invites you to walk around the fragrant Chinese garden, which is filled with medicinal herbs. The delicate elegance of floral scents, as well as woody ambiance, are accompanied by the refreshing, yet delicate aroma of ginger.

Downtown Mood is a transparent floweriness that has an ethereal metal effect. sensually sexy thanks to the warm musk tone and is the most feminine scent with the hint of sensual, powdery tones.

AMG #63 is a combination of luxurious sandalwood and energetic ginger. This recipe is extremely intense. We’ve concentrated on the most essential ingredients to express the experience of traveling with an AMG by way of a scent.

1001 Mood’s initial note is a fresh green fig with a strong nature. Rose, Jasmine, and Lily of the Valley come in harmony with tea leaves and change into a floral chord.

Bamboo Mood is an aromatic scent that promises fresh, light, and clear freshness. Security and strength are expressed in the first impression with notes of ozone and ozone, which are transparent and floral.

2. Genuine Mercedes Interior Cabin Freeside Fragrance Air Freshener

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Inside your car, the perfect blend of touch, aroma, design, ergonomics, sound, and style creates that sense of relaxation you get as you sit down and feel the pleasure you get while driving. 

From the moment you get inside you will feel a strong personal bond with the nature of the car. It’s an OEM scent atomizer pod that was developed by Mercedes-Benz specifically for the introduction of the new S-class. 

The S-class is the only Mercedes vehicle that can utilize this exclusive new feature. Freeside Mood is a discreet but noticeable citrus fragrance. It is extremely smooth and has no rough edges. 

It is extremely smooth, with no rough edges. Sports Mood is a pleasant fragrance that is natural and fresh, with a freshness that is derived from the green hues from pale-green young leaves and finished off by subtle floral notes.

3. Genuine Mercedes Interior Cabin Nightlife Fragrance Air Freshener

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The smell of a dense leather armchair within the flames of a room lined with dark wood and the glass of Cognac on a small table with light, fruity, and the scent of smoking a cigar. This Nightlife Mood fragrance is a relaxing scent that’s perfect to take a break after a hard day’s work.

Inside your vehicle, the perfect combination of scent, touch ergonomics, design, audio, and design creates the feeling of calm that you experience when you relax and enjoy the joy you feel as you drive.

As soon as you step inside, you’ll feel a strong connection to the character of the vehicle. This is an OEM scent atomizer that was created in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz, especially for the debut of the S-class.

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4. Air-Balance Package OEM Mercedes Benz Flacon Perfume Atomiser 

For cars with the AIR-BALANCE package Flacon perfume atomizer SPORTS MOOD black or transparent Flacon to atomize & the best car perfume for Mercedes and the air vent freshener contains 15ml. 

This scent is based on the harmony of the lime tree’s blossom and the fresh, light-green leaves. The lime tree bloom at the center of this scent will be surrounded by delicate floral scent, such as gardenia, magnolia, and violet. 

The green top notes take their lightness and freshness from the watermelon and grapefruit, while the base notes are characterized by the mossy character. 

5. InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer & Protectant, Baby Powder Scent Air Freshener For Mercedes

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Chemical Guys Limited Edition InnerClean Baby Powder Air Freshener Scent is the most effective quick detailing solution for your car’s interior. The special formula of InnerClean removes dirt and protects surfaces in the interior quickly and effortlessly. 

InnerClean efficiently removes dust, dirt, and body oils that have accumulated on interior surfaces, restoring a clean OEM shine, and shielding against damaging UV solar Rays. The unique conditioners contained in InnerClean give life to surfaces that are dry and neglected and give them a fresh scent that has a factory-like appearance. 

Clean and tidy dashboards and steering wheels, door panels as well as shift knobs, leather and glass seats, leather seat touchscreens for navigation on LCDs, and much more by using InnerClean. 

The latest anti-static agents and the zero-residue formulations help to keep dust and dirt out to ensure a clear and clean look across the cleaned surfaces. Make use of InnerClean to block damaging UV solar radiation and safeguard doors, dashboards, and many other vinyl and plastic parts from breaking and discoloring. 

The limited-edition Baby Powder Scent from InnerClean refreshes any room while enzymatic odor removers eliminate odors right at the origin. Beware of letting Mother Nature degrade your investment. Clean and safeguard car interiors by using the InnerClean Baby Powder Scent. 

InnerClean has anti-static properties that aid in preventing dust accumulation. Similar to wiping an exterior part of your vehicle using your favorite Chemical Guys Quick Detailer, InnerClean offers the same result however for your interior. 

In addition to leaving behind fresh, fresh neutralisers of odor and odor neutralisers, you can easily wipe your interiors clean without causing any unpleasant smells, and replace them with the fresh fragrance that comes from the baby’s powder. 

Cleaning products often leave behind a remnant, but with the rapid cleaning ability of InnerClean, it leaves no leftover residue. You can quickly detail and shield your interior surfaces using InnerClean Interior Quick detailer with baby powder scent.

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How do I get my vehicle to smell like a brand new Mercedes?

You can use the Air Fresheners that are discussed above for your vehicle to smell like a brand new Mercedes-Benz. A brand new Mercedes has a distinct scent because of the many scents that are used to create the interior of the car.

These include the materials used to build the dashboard, the center console, panels, and even seats. If you are a fan of the scent of fresh leather, you could install fresh leather seats.

If you wish for the interior of your Mercedes to smell new it is necessary to replace the old carpet, seats, and dashboard with OEM products. Moreover, You should use the best Mercedes air freshener which smells like brand new Mercedes to keep up the brand new Mercedes scents. You can also try other air fresheners for your car.


The best air freshener for Mercedes Benz we have selected by analyzing a variety of scents and the perfumes we get for you are the Boxiti Set Air Freshener, Interior Cabin Freeside Fragrance Air Freshener, Genuine Mercedes Nightlife Fragrance Air Freshener, Air Balance OEM Mercedes Benz Flacon Perfume Atomiser, and InnerClean Interior Quick Detailer & Protectant Air Freshener. 

The ultimate taste is down to your preferences and personal preferences. Remember that favorite scents are extremely personal. Therefore, certain fragrances might be a delight to some while they cause a prickly reaction to others. 

The time that you are able to smell them may differ based on usage, temperatures, and other things outside. We analyzed the most appropriate air freshener to use in the ideal situation, however, you might find that one is better in different circumstances.

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