Best Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush | Top 5 Rated Cleaner

I used to be a clean freak before I was a kid. I’m still one, my baby needs a lot more effort to continue the full-time effort of rioting everywhere.

One of the things that punched me first was all the push of my baby bottles and lifts. Brand new nipples don’t last long and bottles can get a little dinghy most of the time.

Although I’m getting less about drills and boogers those days, I always bring the line if I need to keep my baby a clean, bottle brush-Baby.

If you are like me and sincerely clean the bottle, remember that the liquid is a good brush incessantly. The right baby bottle brush can repeatedly clean any bottle in any area and it is the proper post from the Gulf of the Gulf Building stay out for our reviews here and explain those bottles in any position.

Best Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush Reviews

1. OXO Tot Bottle Brush

OXO Tot Bottle Brush

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This brush has every feature that is important for a bottle brush. There are two different types of bristles on the head of the brush to help you with any matter that you need a gentle cleaning or the layers of the film will be removed.

All good bottle brushes should have it has a flexible neck. It has a rubberized grip towards the end of the brush which means it will not slip out of your hand when you are shaking violently.

Mothers may fancy that it begins with a silicone nipple cleaner, which will support hold the thoughts and members of the breast pump available.

  • The nipple cleaner has ventilation holes to help it dry quickly.
  • This brush possesses its own platform, which will help it stay clean.
  • Dishwasher repository.
  • This brush does not fit well in large and small bottles.
  • Remade bridles ground fairly swiftly with renewed use.

2. Playtex SmartSpace Baby Bottle Brush

Playtex SmartSpace Baby Bottle Brush

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Features that you are viewing for in your baby bottle brush. The points of the baby bottle brush are the trash inside the bottle is simple but firm rather.

So, you don’t have to fret about anything. A short, bottle nipple cleanser is possible with this brush.

You can raise the bottle brush from the center, and you will be ready to see the breast cleanser. The bristles of the nipple brush are also easy and do no wrong like splitting the nipple.

The purpose of the brush is ergonomic and it appears with a non-slip grip. This indicates that your brush will not move out of your fingers after cleaning the bottle.

The brush is great for wide-open bottles and you can further clean the interior valleys. It can also be practiced with restricted initial bottles.

  • The fast nipple brush has bristles on each side for quick, effective cleaning.
  • Narrow fit the narrow bottle.
  • You require to retain the affection part inside the brush,
  • It won’t be long rather reach the back of the bottle.
  • Cleaning The handle is occasionally loose when you clean.

3. Dr. Brown’s 3 Piece Bottle Brush


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Many fans of Dr. Brown’s bottles may require to see the company’s bottle brush, and the largest users say it’s the champion was. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush is a mixture of bristles and sponges that move for fast and accurate sterilization.

At the opposite end of the scrap, Dr. Brown is named “Chevron Chanel.” These breasts are accepted and can be switched to wash it. Some users favor this variety of detergents and say that it simply takes several twists to reach all regions of the breast.

Some characters hate it and believe there was a genuine bottle brush. This article seems not to have a small brush that is required to clean the chimney section of ​​the doctor. Brown bottle.

One should be combined with the bottle buying and some more can be obtained independently. Dr. Brown’s Iconic Baby Bottle held created by the true surgeon Dr. Craig Brown, a board-approved household practitioner.

  • Sponge finish
  • Ni built-in nipple cleaner.
  • Action suction cup
  • Toxin-free
  • Moderately priced.
  • It is not sustainable.
  • No nipple brush.
  • Weak sucking.

4. Philips Avent Baby Bottle Brush

Philips Avent Baby Bottle Brush

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Sometimes the bottle brush preparesn’t look alike a bottle brush. This is something this Philips event brush resembles like in a house cinema. Alternatively of swinging around the handle, it has passed about midway.

The bristles speed at the end so that they can influence in a range very far from the nape of the bottle. The nipple brush that is provided in the style of the output is not really a brush.

Like Dr. Brown’s brush, it becomes a knife at the point of the brush handle that can be utilized to clean the breast. Philips Avent has 30 years of involvement in the children’s business and the organization cooks a portion.

The design of this brush suggests that the bristles do not happen as quickly as the larger standard brushes. Many users say people have practiced the equivalent Philips Avent bottle brush above the times, while users of traditional brushes frequently assume they serve a few periods.

  • High-quality bristles
  • Pp nipple cleaner
  • Toxin-free
  • Easy to clean.
  • Becomes dry.
  • Durable.
  • Moderately priced.
  • Messi to use.
  • No nipple brush.
  • Hard to grip.

5. MAM Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush

MAM Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush

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MAM bypasses the difficulty of brittle, scratchy bristles in its bottle brush variant, which practices soft silicone points. The brush is smooth so it will match virtually any variety of baby bottles.

On the opposite hand, if you are habitual to hard cleaning and getting much of detergent bubbles, you may not choose this method brush. The nipple at the head of the designation is produced by stimulating synthetic.

It is intended to fit MAM nipples but it can be practiced notably efficiently with different breasts. MAM is a European based company that has been producing baby products since 1976. The MAM bottle baby brush is manufactured in Thailand City.

  • Gentle bristles for non-scratch gentle cleaning.
  • Flexible bridges are hard to reach in the area.
  • Easy ergonomic grip for comfortable and timely disinfection.
  • The PP nipple brush cleans the nipples well.
  • Hanging holes allow easy, sanitary storage.
  • This brush is a bit more expensive than the standard bottle brush.
  • This brush makes not eliminate all the liquid coating from their bottle.

What to Look for in baby Bottle Brush?

What to Look for in bottle brush baby?

What are the amazing components of the best product bottle brushes baby in the market you can buy? Items are viewed here.


Getting the best match for a business can be very hard. Difficult bristles can serve well to improve milk bottle but they can also break your bottles and get homeward for bacteria. Soft bristles, particularly silicone models may not have enough cleaning ability.


Some bottle brushes are created with sponges or should sponge rewards. Sponges regularly provide more reliable coverage than brushes. The holes within the bristles can simply want the brand but the sponges produce a more or less regular grating beneath the bottle, wherever deposits are more suitable to be covered.

Of course, sponges are less important to you, so they require to be adjusted also often than regular brushes you used. Also, some parents suffer that sponges are more scarce good than brushes.


A baby bottle brush with a grip-capable handle will make it more comfortable to wash, particularly since the handle turns with smooth stitchers are apparently also the handle measurement. Whatever the thin outside, it can be tight to get a solid grip on the slim handle. Any bottle brushes have extensive handles, then you can crank the brush into more general support.

Nipple Brush or Cleaner:

Multiple baby bottle brushes have a tit brush or nipple cleaner on the cover. This is more helpful than holding different objects. Some parents, like animal detergents, have only one brown tip. Others require a breast brush with a true impression.

Dishwasher safe:

Look for a bottle brush that preserves the dishwasher. The CDC suggests that brushes are scrubbed thoroughly every three points and no dishwasher group requires to take supervision of this. Some only secure the dishwasher on the highest rock.

BPA free:

Bisphenol A, better understood as BPA, is practiced in various plastics. There is some proof that BPA can induce chromosomal aberrations. The FDA has prevented the BPA of baby bottles, sippy containers, and packages of baby prescriptions. Many moms don’t want it in their baby bottle brushes.

Place of Manufacture:

Most brushes are manufactured in Asia though it is attempting to obtain out precisely where that suitable brush was driven. Most businesses do not distribute this knowledge on their websites. This may be a little picture of the packaging, or you may be able to communicate the business for learning.


Most bottle brushes are affordable, so payment should not be a large portion of the determination to buy baby bottle brushes.

With all these things in remembrance, let’s grab a glimpse at the best baby bottle brushes in the world.

How to Wash Baby Bottles?

How to Wash Baby Bottles?

Not many years ago, mothers who used baby bottles boiled them before each use. Today we know that boiling is not necessary for cleaning.

Experts say that if your water is safe to drink, it is best to wash your baby’s bottle. However, there are some steps you can take to ensure that you do not expose your child to germs. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Wash your own hands. If you are handling the bottle by hand, it doesn’t matter how clean you get the bottle. Clean up for at smallest 20 seconds. (It’s longer than you think.
  • Don’t use the sink.  Kitchen ponds are hard to find germ-free. Separate basins for bottle washing are much easier to find. The designated basin should only be used for baby items.
  • Use hot water and dish soap. It is impossible to wash your hands in water that is hot enough to disinfect, but hot water helps dissolve fatty deposits. Also, some ingredients in detergents work better at warmer temperatures.
  • Wash using a clean brush.  No dishcloth or sponge, please! Just use a clean bottle brush that is not used for other foods.
  • Rinse using hot water.  You can hold the items under running water or submerge them in another basin. Do not use the kitchen sink for washing.
  • Allow airing dry.  Place the items on a paper towel or a clean tea towel and let them dry well. Do not use a dish towel to dry them as it identifies another source of germs.

Final Word

We hope this article is helpful to you and you will be able to choose the right feeding bottle cleaning brush. All you have to do is brush enough soft cleaning brushes to clean the bottle well and make sure it comes with a good handle In general, these brushes are not expensive at all and so you don’t have to worry about the budget. You can happily choose one that suits your needs.

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